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Htmlpp own documentation
Htmlpp first use was to easily produce software documentation in HTML format. The main example for it is htmlpp own's documentation, htmlpp.htp, which comes with all htmlpp distributions and whose output can be consulted on-line at the iMatix website.

Libero documentation
Libero is another programming tool by iMatix. Its documentation can be downloaded and its output consulted on-line. sources
The sources for the website you are currently reading. A good example of a site composed of several htmlpp source documents.
NOTE: Uses some features from development release 4.2c and new forthcoming features not documented yet..

Enrique Bengoechea Personal Website
Another example of a small site. In this case, each htmlpp document corresponds to a page, and communication between documents is done through database symbols.
WARNING: Uses features from development release 4.2b which are considered non-stable and will likely change in next stable release.
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