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Welcome to Htmlpp

Welcome to the htmlpp website. Htmlpp is a pre-processor for HTML documents. Its purpose is to simplify the work of writing and packaging large numbers of HTML documents. These pages describe how to install and use htmlpp. They also contain many example source code, configuration files for several editors and other add-ons. You'll also find a FAQ section that provides answers to frequently-asked questions. Please read this FAQ before asking for technical support. The htmlpp discussion group is an active forum and an excellent place to ask questions and discuss issues surrounding htmlpp.

To download htmlpp go to the download corner.

If you use htmlpp, please register now for information about bug fixes and updates. It's free - just email to [email protected] with subject register htmlpp and your comments, if any.

Htmlpp is free software written in Perl, and copyright © 1996-99 iMatix. It is distributed with full sources according to the GNU General Public License.

What's New?
20 Dec, 99
New utilities for editing Htmlpp documents from VIM
20 Dec, 99
Examples section ready!
19 Oct, 99
New Development version 4.2c released
19 Oct, 99
Download configuration files for Homesite and VIM editors!

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