Downloading and Installing

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Installation Under MS-DOS

  • You must have Perl 5.x on your system.
  • Download
  • Make a directory for the contents of this distribution:
    mkdir C:\htmlpp
  • Unzip the downloaded archive and copy the unzipped files to the new directory:
    copy *.* C:\htmlpp
  • Check htmlpp.bat - it assumes that the files are installed in C:\SPECIAL, which is how my system is set-up.
  • Change your autoexec.bat to define a variable PERLLIB if it is not defined yet. On my system, this is defined like this: set perllib=c:special;c:gnutools. Reboot or create a new DOS window.
  • Run the htmlpp command without arguments. You should get a message like this:
    Htmlpp - a HTML pre-processor V4.2a
    This is free software and may be freely modified and distributed.
    Copyright (c) 1996-99 iMatix Corporation -
    syntax: htmlpp [-debug] [-guru] [-env] [-nofunc] [-page list]
                   [-set name=value] [-charset value] <filename>...
     -debug    Leave work files: useful for debugging macros and loops
     -guru     Work in Guru Mode
     -env      Load all environment variables into document symbol table
     -nofunc   Ignore unknown intrinsic functions (&)
     -page     Produce only specified pages; list can take any of these
               forms: 'nn', 'nn-nn', 'nn,nn,nn'.  E.g. -page 1 -page 3,7
               You can also refer to output filenames: -page index3.htm
     -set      Set symbol value. This override any default settings or
               settings made from within the htmlpp input.
     -charset  Define the character set for the source input.
               Valid values are 'iso-8859-1' and 'ms-dos'.
Copyright © 1996-99 iMatix Corporation.
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Updated: October 20, 1999